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I. VALUES & Community Discrimination/Harassment

At Dreadnots Coffee, we take pride in fostering an inclusive and diverse

community. As a partner, you represent our core values and principles. While

the items outlined in this code of conduct may seem like common sense,

we've provided clear expectations to avoid any misunderstandings regarding

unacceptable behavior within our community. Failure to adhere to these

guidelines could result in the immediate termination of your partnership. If

you or another partner/member of our community encounters any

harassment or inappropriate behavior as outlined below, please don't hesitate

to contact a Partner Manager about the issues you're facing. We will make

sure to address and resolve the situation on your behalf. If you prefer to remain

anonymous, we will respect your wishes and handle the matter discreetly.


What is Community discrimination or harassment?

Age Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Identity Discrimination

Sexual Harassment

Psychological Harassment

Discriminatory Harassment

Inclusion Dreadnots Coffee strives to maintain a supportive, civil environment, one in which our partners treat each other with respect and dignity. In keeping with its values, Dreadnots Coffee prohibits and does not tolerate community member discrimination, harassment or bullying against or by anyone in our community.

If a partner management team determines that discrimination, harassment or bullying has occurred, the person found to have engaged in such conduct may be subject to discipline up to and including Partnership termination. Community discrimination or harassment is conduct that is deemed so offensive, severe, or pervasive that it interferes with an individual’s participation in the Dreadnots Coffee Community. Ageism, also known as age discrimination, is the stereotyping and/or discrimination against individuals or groups of people on the basis of their age.

Age discrimination is generally defined as treating another less favorably because of their age. Ableism, also known as disability discrimination, is generally defined as social prejudice against people with disabilities and/or people who are perceived to be disabled. Disability discrimination in the workplace is generally defined as treating a qualified applicant or member of the Dreadnots Coffee community less favorably because of their disability(ies). Religious discrimination is generally defined as treating a person or group differently because of the particular beliefs which they hold about a religion. Religious discrimination in the Dreadnots Coffee Community involves an individual treating a fellow member of the Dreadnots Coffee community unfavorably because of their religious beliefs.


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination, also known as SOGI. Discrimination is an all-encompassing term commonly used to describe. offensive or derogatory remarks about an individual’s sexual orientation or other forms of self-identification. Here at Dreadnots Coffee LLC, we have a zero-tolerance policy for offensive or derogatory remarks about an individual’s sexual orientation or any other forms of self-identification. Sexual harassment is typically defined as a behavior characterized by the making of unwelcome and/or inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other professional or social situation.


Psychological harassment in the community is typically defined as a form of behavior that involves hostile and unwanted words, behavior, or actions that are painful, hurtful, annoying, humiliating or insulting. Discriminatory harassment in the workplace is generally defined as a form of Deemed discrimination including verbal and/or physical conduct that has the purpose or effect of creating an objectively intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. Dreadnots Coffee LLC strives to maintain an environment accepting of individuals with differences in gender, sexual orientation, religion, political views, etc. We expect our Partners to be tolerant and unaffected by the differences we each possess to create and maintain a cooperative, safe, and professional environment.



Joking vs Bullying

What To Do

Joking is generally defined as an action intended to be humorous to

all parties involved. Joking, unlike bullying, includes objectively

inoffensive remarks or actions with lighthearted intentions. Bullying

is generally defined as an offensive remark/action intended to inflict

discomfort to an individual victim or a target group. Like community

harassment, bullying is considered conduct that is so offensive, severe

or pervasive that it interferes with an individual’s participation in the

community.  Bullying may include but is not limited to verbal abuse,

use of degrading language, or intimidation. Bullying can occur face

to face, in a group setting, through social media or email, or through

gossip. The sentence, he has a big nose, I bet he can smell me fart

from a mile away!” can be considered a joke or an act of bullying

depending on the context. Is the target sensitive about their so-called

big nose”? If so, this can be considered an act of bullying. If you’re

unsure about how the target may react to a remark, DON'T SAY IT!


If you or another partner/member of our community experiences any harassment or unacceptable behavior listed below, please get in touch with a Partner Manager or reach out directly to the Dreadnots Coffee LLC administration by emailing with proof of the issues you are experiencing. We will ensure that the issue will be sorted out on your behalf. If you would like to remain anonymous, please let us know, and we will be happy to respect that wish.

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